Brawler of the week - "The dependable K"

Let's say, it's one of those days where "enough is enough" and the time is ripe for some righteous fury. What you need is a brawler that will let you get up-close with acceptable mobility, let you face tank anything like a boss while dishing out some serious hurt. Now, there are some serious contenders for this job ranging from assaults to mediums but only a few can do this reliably. ON1-K is one of them.

If you've seen an Orion out there, it probably was a K. Why? Simply because lasers and ballistics make great combos at the moment. With ON-1K being a laser heavy Orion(identical to AS7-RS); you can cram a lot of lasers in for working on weak spots and generally weakening the armor, and punch in with your heavy AC. That's exactly what we're doing with this build, let's take a look:

Modules: Advanced Seismic Sensor and Target Info Gathering. Add an Artillery Strike or Coolshot 9 by 9 after your preferences.

This guy has everything needed for an old-school brawler; a lot of armor, a big engine for speed and torso responsiveness, AMS for survivability, a lot of ML's and a big AC, more AC ammo than you will normally need, and 16 DHS to cool them all effectively even on Terra Therma and Caustic.

After the hitbox changes, when done right(see my older post about ON hitboxes), the Orion can tank an incredible amount of damage, but at the risk of premature side torso losses. That's why you have to be extremely cautious exposing your right side. When you lose that AC, you're essentially out of the game(except being a damage sponge for your team). Use your left side as buffer, and don't be afraid to leave it behind. You will only lose 2ML's and an AMS, which is not that of a big deal. Plus, destroyed left side will be your buffer; reducing any damage taken 50% before passing it to CT.

So how does it do? I have recorded two consecutive matches with it and both matches turned out to be great. First match was a steamroll situation for the other team, but I ended up doing the most work. Second match was a certain loss for us, but my trusty Orion did so much damage that we made an epic come-back.


PS: While writing this, I remembered about CTF-1X. It can actually do more damage with a 5ML+AC20 combo while having more speed(76.4 with STD300) and the same amount of DHS'(16). With the added ML, the heat management will start hurting you earlier and it has less armor and arguably worse hitboxes(CT heavy). The division of arm/torso lasers also increases the pilot workload. Still, it looks very effective on paper, check it out if you haven't already.

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